Open EdTech at MoodleMoot Global 2023

On September 20 at the MoodleMoot Global 2023 in Barcelona we held an OET Workshop. There was some fantastic discussion, with over 150 Open EdTech enthusiasts in attendance. The workshop offered a platform to discuss the path forward for open educational technology, particularly in a world with AI personal assistants. Kickstarting the Workshop The session began with a broad discussion about the latest updates from OET. We celebrated the recent official formation of the OET Association and shared insights on our current progress in setting up our environment. Our future plans were laid out, fuelling the energy for the discussions … Read more

Open EdTech is Not New

There are many projects that fit the definition of Open Education Technology. Some of these are decades old, here are a few to get you started. Adapt Framework The Adapt Framework is an e-learning authoring tool designed to create responsive, HTML5-based e-learning content. It allows developers and instructional designers to build courses that are accessible and adapt dynamically to different screen sizes, making it easier to deploy learning modules across a range of devices. The framework is highly extensible, supporting a variety of plugins and themes that can add additional functionalities or change the visual appearance of courses. Big Blue … Read more

May Meeting Summary

We had our general meeting this week! Thank you to everyone who came along, it was wonderful to catch up with all of you, and exciting to have a record turnout of nearly fifty people.  The most exciting piece of news shared in the meeting is that we have finally received our signature from the King’s office in Belgium! This is the penultimate step in a long process to become an official association. We have just one more form to submit, and expect to be associated by the end of next week.  There have been some minor updates to this … Read more