Open EdTech is Not New

There are many projects that fit the definition of Open Education Technology. Some of these are decades old, here are a few to get you started. Adapt Framework The Adapt Framework is an e-learning authoring tool designed to create responsive, HTML5-based e-learning content. It allows developers and instructional designers to build courses that are accessible and adapt dynamically to different screen sizes, making it easier to deploy learning modules across a range of devices. The framework is highly extensible, supporting a variety of plugins and themes that can add additional functionalities or change the visual appearance of courses. Big Blue … Read more

We are Officially an Association!

We are thrilled to share some news. On June 8th, a milestone was achieved for our community – Open EdTech has officially become an incorporated Association Internationale Sans But Lucratif (AISBL), based in Belgium. Yes, we can now proudly announce that Open EdTech is a recognised association! Our official address is now: Open EdTech AISBL, 40 rue Washington, Ixelles 1050, Belgium This evolution reinforces our vision of creating a collaborative and transparent environment, where the possibilities for the future of educational technology are endless. Becoming an official association implies a significant commitment towards our shared mission. It bolsters our capacity … Read more

May Meeting Summary

We had our general meeting this week! Thank you to everyone who came along, it was wonderful to catch up with all of you, and exciting to have a record turnout of nearly fifty people.  The most exciting piece of news shared in the meeting is that we have finally received our signature from the King’s office in Belgium! This is the penultimate step in a long process to become an official association. We have just one more form to submit, and expect to be associated by the end of next week.  There have been some minor updates to this … Read more

New Mastodon Instance

We have started a Mastodon instance at and you’re welcome to join us! 

Our main Open EdTech channel is at 

Mastodon is an open-source, free software that allows users to run self-hosted social networking services. It has microblogging features similar to Twitter.  Each user is a part of a specific Mastodon instance (also known as a server), which functions as a federated social network and enables communication between users on various instances. Users have the freedom to choose a node whose policies they value while still being part of the entire global social network.

Mastodon is a part of the Fediverse, a collection of server platforms that use the ActivityPub standard from W3C to communicate, which is one we are considering in some of our designing for future Open EdTech. 

Our Mastodon server augments our Matrix chat rooms (another open federated standard) which are better for group and direct discussions with full encryption and privacy.

Launch Paper available

The first version of our Open EdTech Launch Paper is now available to read! This paper presents an initial vision for a complete, global system of education technology to support quality education (for humans and AI) in every sector. It goes into detail on the need for Open EdTech and the mission of our association. We’d love your feedback and suggestions. Feel free to leave a comment directly in the doc, or share your thoughts in our chat rooms.