Open EdTech Global Festival 2019

21-22 November 2019 Barcelona

A conference for everyone working to build the future of Education on truly Open Technology

Open EdTech Global Festival
21-22 November 2019

The intersection of Open, Education and Technology

About Us

The Open EdTech Global Festival brings together people from all parts of the globe to collaborate on building sustainable, long-lasting, open technology-supported education projects.

Alongside a curated program of events, we strive to create a space where the open software projects, government education ministries, development organisations, academics, educational institutions and users can get to know each other, and work towards building a strong open technical infrastructure to support education in the decades ahead.

What is Open Technology?


You can adapt the technology to fit better in your context


Good open projects aim to follow, or set, sensible technology and community standards


It works in your country, in your language

Open Support

Use any service provider, and switch to another at any time with minimal disruption – or look after it yourself


Open technology developers have a sustainable business model that users can trust


Open technology projects are designed so that they can carry on even if the org that started them disappears

We’re open to open

Open EdTech Global Festival is for connecting the builders, users, and funders of a future where education is supported by open technology infrastructure.

We are looking for:

Open source developers

We want CEOs to come and work on strategy and bundling, as well as architects and developers to collaborate on integrations and standards.

Academics and researchers

Are you involved in great research that can help define how education technology can look like in the future?  Come and share that with people who can make it real.

Non-profit development organisations

Are you part of an NGO with projects that need education technology?  Bring along your problems and find out how open technology can be the best solution.

Open-minded Governments

Open technology is the long-term solution when building education infrastructure. Come and meet the major players and tell us your needs.

Join the conversation