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We are people from all parts of the globe collaborating to build sustainable, long-lasting, open-source technology that supports all forms of education online.

We represent open source software projects, government education ministries, development organisations, academics, educational institutions and learners.

1st Open EdTech Conference – Barcelona, November 2019


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  • 31/10/2020
    by Matthew Caseres.  Hi all,I am a big fan of open source and education so I got a domain (home page under construction). The concept is that we create and aggregate educational content that is either available for commercial use with attribution, or belongs to the public domain. This is to lower the barriers […]
  • Looking for Python / Django LMS 30/06/2020
    by Jan Gondol.  Hello everyone, just joined your community. A friend told me that this is a good place to ask a question... Is there an open source LMS built with Python (ideally with Django or Flask, with few dependencies) that you know of / can recommend? The ones I found are either massive, with […]
  • Open EdTech Foundation Document & Structure 31/03/2020
    by Liz Carlin.  On behalf of Martin...Hello, Thank you to those who were able to join the 1st Open EdTech Quarterly meeting which took place last Friday. You can view the recording here.The next step is to finalise the basis for the foundation in this working document, therefore, could you please add your comments and feedback to the document […]
  • First online meeting of Open Edtech - March 27, 2020 20/03/2020
    by Martin Dougiamas.  Hello all. Now more than ever we find ourselves in a polarised situation with Covid-19.  There is so much good that we can do as a collective in this challenging time.I think it is important that we meet to progress Open EdTech beyond a concept by ensuring that we have a solid […]
  • Let's connect networks 02/02/2020
    by Greg Nadeau.  My name is Greg Nadeau .  I am involved with a large, growing network of network starting inside US and looking to connect with international efforts to enable personalized, competency-based learning at the scale of the Internet.  Over the last 12 months a group of influencers across many of the relevant efforts have met […]

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