Thoughts about the impact of AI text on assessment

There has been increasing alarm in the education community since the release of ChatGPT has made a Large Language Model (LLM) more accessible to the general public. However, GPT-2 and GPT-3 have been doing the same kind of things for some years, and even commercial services such as Writesonic based on these back ends have been around since October 2020. My … Read more

Open EdTech December 2022 Meeting

Our next regular Open EdTech catch-up is happening on the 21st of December 2022 in our usual BigBlueButton room. We will be sharing recent developments and discussing our next steps.  Everyone is welcome, whether you want to help shape the future of Open Edtech or just “lurk” to keep in touch- it would be great to see you!

New Mastodon Instance

We have started a Mastodon instance at and you’re welcome to join us! 

Our main Open EdTech channel is at 

Mastodon is an open-source, free software that allows users to run self-hosted social networking services. It has microblogging features similar to Twitter.  Each user is a part of a specific Mastodon instance (also known as a server), which functions as a federated social network and enables communication between users on various instances. Users have the freedom to choose a node whose policies they value while still being part of the entire global social network.

Mastodon is a part of the Fediverse, a collection of server platforms that use the ActivityPub standard from W3C to communicate, which is one we are considering in some of our designing for future Open EdTech. 

Our Mastodon server augments our Matrix chat rooms (another open federated standard) which are better for group and direct discussions with full encryption and privacy.

Launch Paper available

The first version of our Open EdTech Launch Paper is now available to read! This paper presents an initial vision for a complete, global system of education technology to support quality education (for humans and AI) in every sector. It goes into detail on the need for Open EdTech and the mission of our association. We’d love your … Read more

Open EdTech at MoodleMoot Global 2022

The Open EdTech project is all about collaboratively designing the best Education technology we can imagine for the future, without too many constraints placed by what is possible now. To make this work we need to talk a lot, to listen a lot, and of course to make the time to for all this to happen. That’s why I’m … Read more