Open EdTech June Meeting

In recent months we’ve been busy refining the Open EdTech mission and our roadmap.

As a global association, our aim is to support education technology to be open, interoperable, sustainable and effective.

We envisage a world where Open EdTech is widely used and supported by education institutions, providing a strong counter culture to that of BigTech which flattens culture and exploits education systems that are already generally under-funded.

We want to empower those who govern education to easily build their own platforms using connectable technology components to form strong and unique solutions for any use case, thereby helping to improve the quality of education in general.

To achieve this, we’ve narrowed our mission to four clear functions:

  1. Define: We define Open EdTech as a ecosystem vision and a brand that stands for trustworthiness.
  2. Certify: We certify technology as being Open EdTech, according to our five requirements.
  3. Standardise: We recommend and promote specific technology standards that help Open EdTech projects work better together
  4. Network: We provide networking opportunities to help our communities learn and expand.

Come along to our next meeting to hear more and discuss these, and to take a first look at how we’ll progress on all four. We hope to see you there!

Open EdTech June Meeting
June 19th, 2 – 3pm UTC
Agenda: Open EdTech General Meetings
BigBlueButton Meeting Room: