May Meeting Summary

We had our general meeting this week!

Thank you to everyone who came along, it was wonderful to catch up with all of you, and exciting to have a record turnout of nearly fifty people. 

The most exciting piece of news shared in the meeting is that we have finally received our signature from the King’s office in Belgium! This is the penultimate step in a long process to become an official association. We have just one more form to submit, and expect to be associated by the end of next week. 

There have been some minor updates to this website, including the addition of full memberships, sponsorship options, and a shop. If you want to wear your support for the project, you can check that out.

Some progress has been made on developing the cloud system. We have started writing a specification for the bottom layer of the cloud, in partnership with AI tools. The initial spec is far from done, but we welcome any thoughts or ideas in the form of comments on the document.

We have also begun the design of the Learner Dashboard. It is still in very early stages, but if you want to check out what that might look like you can view our research and the Pen Pot wireframe

EduBot has moved forward and can now generate and summarise images. Images posted in chats with EduBot are now converted into text which allows the bot to have a textual memory of the image – increasing functionality and comprehension of discussion. Edubot can now also have a personality assigned to it, specific to the chat it is in, which enhances the conversation experience. 

We appreciate everyone who made it down to join us on Wednesday and we hope to see you at the next meeting!

If you missed the meeting and would like to hear more about any of this, you can view the meeting recording.