Open EdTech at MoodleMoot Global 2023

On September 20 at the MoodleMoot Global 2023 in Barcelona we held an OET Workshop. There was some fantastic discussion, with over 150 Open EdTech enthusiasts in attendance. The workshop offered a platform to discuss the path forward for open educational technology, particularly in a world with AI personal assistants. Kickstarting the Workshop The session began with a broad discussion about the latest updates from OET. We celebrated the recent official formation of the OET Association and shared insights on our current progress in setting up our environment. Our future plans were laid out, fuelling the energy for the discussions … Read more

Open EdTech at MoodleMoot Global 2022

The Open EdTech project is all about collaboratively designing the best Education technology we can imagine for the future, without too many constraints placed by what is possible now. To make this work we need to talk a lot, to listen a lot, and of course to make the time to for all this to happen. That’s why I’m happy so many people made the effort to take part in the Open EdTech workshop that took place on 28th September 2022 as part of the recent Global MoodleMoot. Around 150 wonderful educational technologists from all over the world came together to discuss recent developments in our framework model and … Read more