Our Vision

Why Open EdTech?

Quality lifelong education is essential to support all our global Sustainable Development Goals and thus our very survival on Earth.

Education technology is vital to support and promote lifelong education.

However, the EdTech landscape is currently dominated by large, profit-driven organisations, resulting in a chaotic mix of competing ecosystems.

This chaos poses risks for educators, creates inequality for students, and fosters a bias towards short-term skills training over broad lifelong learning.

Humanity has solved similar problems before with electricity and the internet.

We believe education deserves long-term stable infrastructure that is open, global, trustworthy, lifelong, safe, scalable, inclusive, human-centered, risk-free, efficient, and enjoyable!


We are open-minded people, who know through long experience that openness in our methods, our software, and our services will lead to the best outcomes for learners and educators. 

We know openness allows for the optimum exchange of ideas and information, it sparks creativity, it builds trust, and it helps people work and learn together effectively.


We see education as a basic human right, and is the one thing that affects every aspect of the future of our world. 

We know that everyone should have access to the the highest quality education experiences and latest technologies at any time.


We use the power of technology to solve big problems for the long term, by making sure it’s about connections and not about control.

We know quality, ethical technology comes from projects that encourage strong, open connections between the people who need it and developers who have a strong focus on purpose over profit.

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The best infrastructure we can build promotes equality and sustainability because these things were baked into their design.

Martin Dougiamas, OET Founder

Launch Paper

For a deeper dive, read our Launch paper from September 2022, which presented an initial summary of the vision for a complete, global system of education technology to support quality education (for humans and AI) in every sector.

It goes into detail on the need for Open EdTech and the mission of our association.

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