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At MoodleMoot Global 2024, you will:
✅Connect with a global community of learning designers, educators, developers, administrators, and thought leaders.
✅Ignite your passion for learning, educating, and training through insightful keynote presentations, interactive sessions, and hands-on workshops.
✅Transform your educational practices with the latest insights, technologies, and strategies shared by the best minds in the field.

Be sure to get your tickets by 16 July for a 20% discount on full-price options.

Your chance to present to other Moodlers at our annual conference is fast approaching! 🧡

Don't forget to submit your abstract now, as the deadline is 14 May 2024 (UTC-6).

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Moodle LMS 4.4 introduces significant updates to custom reports and user management, specifically designed for administrators.

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Announcing the release of Moodle LMS 4.4! 🤝

Moodle LMS 4.4 improvements include:
⏩ Significant improvements to course pages and activity icons.
⏩ Enhanced notification options that keep everyone in the loop.
⏩ Integration of the ‘Ordering Question Type’ plugin.
⏩ Advanced digital collaboration with messaging tool Matrix.
⏩ Significant forum management enhancements.
⏩ TinyMCE as the default editor for all newly installed and upgraded LMS sites.
⏩ Streamlined MFA set-up.
⏩ Enhanced badge management including filtering.
⏩ Updates to custom reports and user management, specifically designed for administrators.

Ready to explore Moodle LMS 4.4?
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I have enjoyed everything I've seen of Michael Levin and this new article is no exception. Very aligned with my thoughts in recent years about intelligence as part of the continuous fabric of our reality.

Highly recommended read to put all your worries into a better context.