Designing an open world of quality lifelong learning

Our Vision

We believe that a comprehensive infrastructure of Open Educational Technology is the only way to enable every single person on Earth to have real access to the best quality educational experiences available

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We need the best tools to manage our own learning, as well as storing and sharing our credentials and portfolio for free, safely, digitally and privately for our lifetime.


All of those of us wanting to help others learn should have the most effective tools and techniques without any kind of cost constraint or risks.

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Organisations of all kinds, from schools and universities to companies and more will benefit from readily-available technology that helps teams grow effectively together.

Our Association

The Open EdTech Association is a worldwide group of organisations and individuals that are pushing forward the idea of an ideal open infrastructure for education in tomorrow’s world, raising funding and supporting developers to make this a reality.

Get involved

Our working groups are open to all, join us to help define Open EdTech around current trends in AI, Cloud technologies, OER, Credentials and much more.

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