Our Purpose

Open Education Technology

Education Technology is software and hardware that supports the processes of teaching and learning.  Open Education Technology goes further by making itself openly available to all educators in a way that promotes availability, standardisation, safety, longevity, and collaboration around improvements and services around that technology.  It’s the difference between a proprietary social network and something like email (which no-one owns and everyone uses).


Our Vision


We believe quality education requires constant adaptation and collaboration.
To best support this, we want to see a world where education everywhere relies on, and helps to build, an evolving standard infrastructure of open technology.


Our Mission


1. To be the voice for Open Education Technology as a preferred solution for education

As developers and supporters in education, we seek to advocate Open EdTech as the solutions with the lowest overall risk and the highest quality, inclusivity and flexibility.

2. To help fund the development and promotion of Open Education Technology

We work to direct public and private sources of funding towards payment of technology teams for the further improvement of open educational technology products, for the benefit of all.



Our Values


Integrity           Openness             Collaboration              Education



Our support of Sustainability Development Goals




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